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Govt. and Public Sectors

Client Needs

In order to accelerate economic growth rates of Bangladesh, the government committed to improve skills development and training. It developed the Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP) – a skills development program for skilling new entrants and up skilling existing workforce to enhance the productivity and growth of priority industry sectors. A major component of the program is a partnership between the government and the private sector through the country’s various industry associations.


What We Did

Training standards and curriculum have been developed that address the needs of industries and ensure that the quality of instruction is at par with international standards. For a year, Digicon developed the training modules, in coordination with the industry associations — 20% theoretical and 80% skills.
Standards continue to be developed as industry demands evolve. It also procured equipment
(Computers, etc.) For classroom and hands-on trainings. Trainers are also being re-trained to build their capacity.

Client Outcomes

Many unemployed youths have transformed themselves into successful entrepreneurs.
Around 20,000 youth got training from Digicon.
Around 6,000 job placement .